Lens tint


Best for


Green / Dark Green

Good for everyday use,
transmits colour evenly.
Ideal for high light

-Everyday use

-Outdoor activities



Provides the highest
glare reduction and reduces
eye strain. Good performance
lenses on water. Reduces
contrast in colours. Suitable
for high light conditions.

-Water sports





Brown / Dark Amber


High contrast lenses,
provides warm tint and
enhances depth perception.
Ideal for most sports.
Medium to high light
conditions making it a
great allrounder.


-High altitude (mountain)

-Golf, tennis



Rose / Red / Pink

Provides good visibility
on the road, enhances depth
perception. Reduces eye strain.
Medium to high light conditions.


-Skiing / snowboarding




Yellow / Amber

Provides high colour and
depth perception. Suggested
only for low level light conditions.

-Low glare/light environments

-Shade conditions