iKANDi Sunglasses

Warranty and Repair

1. Warranty claims

All products we sell on our website come with the supplier’s limited warranty for manufacturing problems or defects. Some examples of manufacturing defects are:

  • lens delamination;
  • frame delamination;
  • metal weld detachment.

Some examples of what warranties do not cover:

  • scratches or marks on lenses and/or frame;
  • frame breakage for misuse or mishandling;
  • frames stretched by placing the sunglasses on the top your head.

Please check below each supplier’s brand and respective warranty durations (from the purchase date):


Each warranty case needs to be assessed by the supplier, who has the final word on approval or denial of the warranty claim. The warranty process can take a month for complete and final assessment. You may be asked to send us images of the product and/or send back the sunglasses for assessment – at your own expense. You can also visit us in one of our stores for assistance. Please contact us at admin@ikandisunglasses.com.au or call us on 1800 608 007.

 2. Repairs

If your sunglasses are out of warranty or not covered under warranty, we can also provide a quote for repairs. Our repair services include :

  • lenses replacement;
  • frame replacement;
  • temple replacement;
  • frame repair;
  • screw replacement;
  • nose pad replacement.

We will check the item availability and get back to you with a quote and solution. You will be required to send us the sunglasses at your expense. Please contact us:

-Via email on admin@ikandisunglasses.com.au
-Call us on 1800 608 007 Monday to Friday (9m-5pm - Brisbane time)
-Visit one of our stores.